Mobile Home Prices
The listing price noted on any home is normally determined by the seller in relation to current market conditions. Listing prices are also affected by the age of the home, the park it is located in, how well the home is maintained and updated, if the home is furnished or partially furnished among many other atributes that may exist. As the broker we must present all offers to the seller that we may receive on any home and time elements do apply concerning their reply. At no time will our agents consul you on what price the seller may or may not accept unless your offer is so low that it would be a waste of time for all party's, for the offer to be submitted, then our agents may suggest to you that in all probability  the offer would be rejected. But if you still want to make that offer we will present it for you.
Mobile Home Financing
There are a few local banks that will consider financing on a preowned mobile home. We do not attempt to consul you on any banks requirements for a loan of this type as terms and availability of a loan may vary day to day. We have a few banks listed you may talk with CLICK HERE, this information is supplied only as a courtesy to you. Keep in mind some parks consider cash for the home vs financing on their park approval application.
Sorry! We do not handle any rentals. We maintain no data at all of rentals.
Why Might You Buy a Home in the Ocala, Fla. Area?
Many reasons, such as no snow, lots of sun & warm weather but besides that, it is a very economical way to live in a comfortable home, with lots of time to enjoy all the attractions and recreation facilities available in the Ocala area or Florida iitself. Centered in the state, you would be very close, within 2 hours either to the Gulf or the Atlantic Ocean, for the beaches, fishing or just relaxing in the sun. Lots of Golf around the area also and there is even an off track betting establishment nearby. The low, low taxes on a mobile home are also attractive. No income tax in Florida either and the cost of living is more reasonable than up North or in Southern Florida. Being in the center of the State puts you in the lowest wind speed area of Florida helping to reduce insurance costs and allowing a very minimal chance of a heavy storm hitting you. Being a smaller city, the traffic is so much less than further south and you will never lack for good resturants, activities, attractions, golf, fishing, medical care and you can shop to your hearts content until you drop.
Can I Buy the Lot the Mobile Home is on?
No, all our homes are on leased lots owned by individual park owners. You will pay park rent, which in most cases include many amenities and in many parks include expenses such as water, sewer, lawn care, rubbish, all depending on the park you choose to buy in..
If I buy a home from you is there any warranty on it?
No, manufactured homes are personal property and the regulations for our brokers license forbids offering any warranty of any kind. Mobile homes are bought as is, where is and with all faults.
Do you ever purchase homes from the owner.
Yes we do. Many times for unforeseen situations an owner needs to sell a home quickly and we do try to help. As a company, we must buy at a price that will show us some profit so there is always a discounted offer (From actual value) that we must work with. Contact Marc for information.
What if a developer wants to buy the park?
In a couple of south Florida counties where prime development (on or with access to the ocean) land is scarce or non-existent a few older parks have been bought out by developers. In Ocala/Marion County there is so much vacant land available for developers it is reasonable to believe that it is almost unreal that any developer would want the expense involved in the purchase of a park, payment to the tenants plus the extra cost of demolition of all infra-structure. All the decent parks in Marion County are newer, create a good cash flow for the owners and command a high market value so most owners want to hold on to them and developers will not spend what is necessary to obtain one at this time and for many, many years to come. In our opinion this tpye of purchase would not be profitable for them.
Fact: For a park to consider selling to a developer, the park must BE FIRST OFFERED to the park residents for purchase, at the then offered price. Some residents in Florida have bought the park they reside in. However if a park is sold to a developer, the developer is liable for payment of all residents property, moving costs, etc. and in one case in South Florida, I understand each park resident stood to receive close to a Million Dollars each for their mobile homes.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Florida Real Estate Outlet
Lot Rents
   The lot rents we have published for any park or individual home we have listed are normally in generalization, except where we know the current lot rent an owner is paying on a particular home.
   All the parks have different price structures which are impossible to keep up with and most parks allow a buyer to assume the existing lease until the end of the year of purchase and then normally the lot rent will increase, in many cases to market value. By contacting the agent associated with a particular park or home they will be able to give you a fair estimate of the current rent and how any increases are managed by the park.
   The only safe way to get the exact lot rent costs is with direct information from the park management at the time you become interested in a home or park. Our agents will help you get this information with the understanding we have no control over any parks lot rental fees.
   Depending on the park the lot rent may include water, sewer, trash, lawn mowing, and RV area. Most parks will have a clubhouse, pool, etc. for your usage which of course is part of the lot rent.

Pet Restrictions
Most parks have pet restrictions and they vary greatly by park. If you visit any park page linked from this site you will find general information about that parks pet policy. Once you contact one of our agents they will be able to confirm this information. One park we list homes in has just a breed and number restriction on pets.

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Florida Real Estate Outlet is a Florida DMV licensed, independent mobile home broker and has no interest, ownership or affiliation with any of the mobile home parks we have mobile homes listed in. All listings are contracted with private mobile home owners and all homes are in land lease parks. We will, at times supply you with general park information, such as estimated lot rent (current lot rent if available), items that may be included in the lot rent, amenities offered by the park, etc., BUT it it highly recommended that you confirm any information we supply you, with the appropriate park management, since all the information we offer you may have been changed by park management or the owners without our knowledge and may possibly be out dated. We have pages set up with links to all the various parks we list homes in, which will give you basic park information plus park photos. Lot rents, amenities, etc. are always subject to change, over which we have no control and we must assume no responsibility for any typo errors and/or out dated information that may be presented on this site, other sites we advertise on or any other media advertising we may do at times...
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